Etripto – The ugly truth behind this travel agency

I went on a trip to Sikkim with 2 of my friends. We booked our trip through a travel agency not well known but much more hyped recently. A small youtuber named Traveling Mondays made bunch of videos flying his drone over tourist spots in Sikkim. The videos immediately went viral cause of the amazing cinematography and aerial shots. In the description there was a mention of a travel agency. The description said this

I Booked my North Sikkim Tour with
8917313559 / 9852299852

Etripto/ – – This company which is a travel agency promises to take you to places at the cheapest rates possible. But that’s entirely opposite of their false promises.

We 3 of us booked a package for Sikkim to cover Gangtok, Lachen, Lachung and Pelling. We opted for private cab for whole trip and were asked to pay 23,400INR per person. This amounts to a rounded sum of 70,000INR. We paid an advance amount of 15,000INR right after confirming our booking.

The drivers provided to us were difficult to deal with. They don’t listen to tourists but do what they want. They wouldn’t care to stop the car if you are dealing with motion sickness during long hill rides of average 4 hours. Their only duty is to pick you up today, drop you to your hotel in the evening. Pick you up again the next day and repeat. No humanity, no personal connection. It felt like we are dealing with aliens. This made our journey painful and annoying as hell.

Would you expect to be treated like local refugees when you have paid a decent sum of money to get the service you desire. We were promised a tension free sightseeing, an enjoyable trip for life. But it was all a joke.

TL;DR – Do not fall for sweet whatsapp replies from Etripto. The sales people (Tazim, Sivam etc) are trained employees to make you believe on them and their services. I got cute smileys after every reply from them. It feels nice to be treated like that but only to know that they don’t care once you have paid.

There is no customer support team at Etripto. There is only one guy managing everything on his own. Ambika Saha sounds like a nice salesman and an amazing event organiser. A failed startup enthusiast from a T-Shirt printing startup trying his hands on travel business.

TL;DR –  too long; didn’t read

Our cabs never arrived on time and drivers never cared to admit their mistakes. When we were late boarding the cab in the morning at 7’O Clock, we were abused. And guess what we had no one to complaint to cause we booked though Etripto, which sucks.

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2 thoughts on “Etripto – The ugly truth behind this travel agency

  1. It’s sad that you had such a bad experience. Everywhere I see bad reviews of this Etripto travel company.I would never book with Etripto. Bad company, bad etripto reviews.

  2. They are the worst. On the very first day ask for the full amount and once you give them a very happy amount they will start taking you for granted. They have a very bad customer service and the driver who came to pick us up was also very rude. They act like they are the owner and Etripto can’t do anything. Never book with them.

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